Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Knotty Dog Walker's Favorite Shampoo

Shampooing is a big deal. I do it once a week or so and schedule it in advance. I mostly shampoo my scalp, cause ain't nothing getting on the inside of these dreads. But the water trickles down and the dreadies absorb it like a sponge. In the summer I just go outside, palm roll, and thank the sun for drying my hair. When it's not warm and sunny, I spend at least a half hour with my good friend the blow dryer. Then my dreads are frizzy, out of order, and there's loose hair coming out the top. Not cute. I spend the next evening watching tv and coaxing the loose hair back to it's place.

Shampooing is a very big deal. My all time go-to product is Knotty Boy's liquid dread shampoo. I have dry scalp to begin with and have used many other tea tree shampoos but this one is different. I don't know what they did but this stuff tingles like nobody's business. At first I thought it was because my dreads were new and I wasn't used to the different shampoo schedule. Nope. I tried Trader Joe's tea tree tingle on my dreadies and although it was pleasant, it didn't tingle the way this stuff does. It's ridiculous. Anyone passing by will hear me groaning from the shower like in those old Herbal Essences commercials where they ask "Have you had your totally organic experience today?"

Which reminds me, we're boycotting Herbal Essences. Although the product itself appears to be cruelty free, Proctor & Gamble (which owns Herbal Essences) still tests on animals. Knotty Boy, however, is 100% cruelty free.

Everything I have written here is true as far as I know. But full disclosure, I may be receiving a free bar of Knotty Boy soap for expressing my views publicly. And you can, too. Check out their blog for details. Sweet! I love their sandalwood scent!