Wednesday, June 25, 2014

DIY Cat Dancer Toy

You know the cat dancer toy? Quite literally a wire with bits of cardboard on the end for $2.99. I don't know why, something in the wire motion, but cats love it! It's a very fun toy and I often bring it along on my pet sits, especially when the cats don't have an interactive toy of their own to use. But I just can't get over paying $2.99 for a piece of wire. So here's what I do instead.

Take a wire hanger like the ones the dry cleaners give you. Or if you're old enough to remember a time when you used these to manually unlock your car door because you locked your keys inside. Yeah, one of those!

Take the wire hanger apart ...

Look around the house for a fun attachment. All I had to do was look in my cats' toy box for something we hadn't used in a while. But get creative! Get a piece of cardboard from the recycle bin or a pop top or something. Wrap one of the wire ends around your attachment.

And ... play!

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