Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Knotty Dog Walking in the Summer

This one's going to be short because vacation season is in full swing and I'm so busy that my own household only gets 30 minute pet sits! They're coming at me from all angles, boarding, overnights, pet sits ... tons of notice, emergency requests ... So yeah I'm a little unprepared for the blog.

Someone asked me today how hot my head must get walking in the sun. I would say it's about the same as when I had straight hair. And I still utilize the age old pony tail. But for a special treat, I wash my hair in the morning and let it dry in the sun while I walk the pooches. That way I start the day off cool and my dreads dry by the time I'm finished without using the hairdryer.

I've also discovered the thermos sipp. Go buy one right now. I'll wait. This thing keeps your water cold all day even in a piping hot Subarau that sits in the sun for half hours at a time. You know I don't drop $20 on just anything. This is money well spent! But let's not get stupid, be sure to use your Target debit card for free shipping and 5% off.

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