Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Product Review: mini latch hook dread tool

Loose hair. Eeeew. Some days I come to peace with my loose hair. Other days I cover it up. And still others I won't leave the house until each and every hair is somewhat in place.

For the days on which loose hair is a problem, e.g. date night, I purchased the mini latch hook dread tool also know as a loose hair tool. I've seen the loose hair tools at larger retail sites online, but they were like $10 plus shipping and I wasn't even sure if they would work for me. So I went to and found one for $3.50!

Mine was at an even lower discount as it was "bent" or something but it looked fine to me. Then when it arrived, there were a couple of surprise beads thrown in for free. Nice!

The tool itself is a helpful supplement to my crochet hook arsenal (I know, I know. I crochet hook. Tell my cats I love them and take me to the gallows). It works particularly well on those pesky little hairs that stick out in front of my ears but won't quite tuck behind. I gently push the tool up the length of my dread until it sticks out near the root, wrap the loose hair around it, close the latch, and pull it back through. Then I finish it off with a good crochet hooking. It helps that I used to latch hook when I was a kid. Shut up. That's not funny.

Is this a product for daily use? No. Did I get my $3 worth? Hells yeah!

You can buy yours here:

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