Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Knotty Dog Walker ... Naughty Neighbors

My worst nightmare is getting a pet sitting date or time wrong. It happens. I walk in on people and we scare the living daylights out of each other. They may be coming out of the shower, unpacking their suitcases, or otherwise unguarded. Although that is preferable to missing a scheduled pet sit, I take every precaution possible to prevent such incidents from happening.

Imagine my surprise when my clients appeared to have come home early from their trip to Napa. And as far as I could tell, had dipped in to their souvenirs ...

I wouldn't put such behavior past this particular client, especially since they were celebrating a 50th birthday. But here I was in an eerily silent house wondering, "Are they passed out drunk in one of the bedrooms? Clearly they're in the middle of something ... do I sneak out quietly or scoop the litter?" My heart was pounding and I had no idea what to do.

My mind started to race, and I decided to quickly and quietly take care of the cats and then get the hell out of there. When I went to the garage to toss the litter, I saw a note from the neighbor ...

Oh. My. God! There was a party? No! The dog walker always gets blamed first. Am I the only one with a key? How could this happen? Does insurance cover it? Who was it? The neighborhood kids? The contractors?

I took another look in the back yard. A closer look, now that I knew they weren't home... 

Wait, is that a Ravens scarecrow? They're Steelers fans. WAIT! Is that underwear in the tree? Waaaaiiit ... here comes someone to take a picture of their handiwork.

Nice one guys. The neighbors played a practical joke on my client and I was the unintended victim. Play all you want, but keep the dog walker informed. Or, enjoy playing a joke on two victims instead of one!

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