Wednesday, December 10, 2014

DIY Soup 'n Hand

Baby, it's cold outside! At lunchtime it's nice to warm up with a hot bowl of soup. Midday dog walkers, however, rarely get the opportunity to sit down to a hot lunch. That makes it tempting to grab one of these bad boys at the grocery store, a Soup 'n Hand that you can heat in a client's microwave.

Hang on, $1.42 per disposable styrofoam environment destroyer? We can do better than that, I think. Dear readers, I give you the DIY Soup 'n Hand.

I took some yummy pumpkin soup that a client kindly shared with me and poured it into a microwave safe ceramic mug. For your health, try not to microwave plastic containers. Don't know what I mean? Watch the documentary called Bag It.

Boom! Your Soup 'n Hand is ready to go! Way yummier, safer, cheaper, and better for the environment than that processed stuff. Enjoy!

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