Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Air Freshener House

No one wants their house to smell like they have pets. I feel that prevention is the key. Never use Tidy Cats litter. I can draw a direct correlation between the use of Tidy Cats and house stank every time. Besides we're boycotting Nestle which makes Tidy Cats. Scoop at least daily. Twice daily if you have three or more cats. Use pet friendly house plants, essential oils, and incense to freshen the air.

Some people think the solution to this is multiple air fresheners. Please don't do this. It makes me smell like sickeningly fake caramel apple for the rest of the day, especially with plug ins. It also diminishes the returns on Feliway plug ins for cats.

The following photos of air fresheners were all taken at the same house. There were at least three more that I missed. Although the client can laugh at themselves for the sheer ridiculousness of it all, please don't be that client ...

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