Wednesday, April 22, 2015

DIY Pill Sachets for Cats

The cat didn't want her pill ...
until I tried this trick!
I wish I had invented Greenies Pill Pockets. If so, I would be on a beach right now sipping an umbrella drink, well deserved by the genius who invented them.

If you're not familiar, Pill Pockets are smushy treats with a hole in the middle, in which you insert you pet's medication. Then you smush the treat around the pill and -- voila! -- the pill is now a cookie.

There's a couple of drawbacks to the Pill Pocket, however. They run upwards of $7. Presumably, you just spent your life savings at the vet figuring out what your pet's illness was and then purchasing the appropriate medication. So $7 is starting to look a little steep. Plus, my cats don't even like the Pill Pockets plain, let alone when they have a pill inside! The nice people at Petco are very understanding and will give you your money back.

Let me show you a little trick that my client taught me, that cats like and that saves you $5.

Behold! Whisker Lickins! Potato chips for cats! And they will run you about $1.25 per bag.

As you can see, a Whisker Lickin can accommodate a cat pill, or you can try two treats for a larger pill.

Smush it in, that's a technical pet sitting term ...

Which one has the pill? I'm not telling!

Nom nom nom! 

That's it! All done will pill time. No scratches and one very happy kitty. Feel better soon!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Knotty Car Accident

I was finishing up a pet sit at 9:45 pm, writing my note and getting ready to call it a night when I heard it. The otherworldly bell of the apocalypse, I decided this was not my problem, and that my problem was, in fact, getting home and into bed as I had to be back at this house first thing in the morning.

I locked up and stepped outside to find the source of the noise: a pickup truck pulling a trailer of about 3 or 4 cars, couldn't negotiate a sharp turn and ended up trying to take my car (or at least the rear bumper) with it.

I just kind of stood there, awestruck. There were two men, one driving and one directing with the flashing. The director told me, "Oh it's too late he's already hit your car."

"Oh." I said.

The driver came out and they argued a bit over whose fault it was, the driver or the director. I stopped them and suggested we just exchange insurance information. The director made a phone call to his supervisor, who asked to speak to me. Being a car transport company, he offered for me to bring my car to one of their locations to be fixed and not go through insurance because that would raise their deductible. Much to his dismay, I wasn't born yesterday. After a lot of back and forth, I finally got the driver to produce an insurance card.

As we were wrapping up, the director asked me if I lived at that address offering to come and check on me (?). I said no, and just said that I live on the other side of town. "Oh," he said, "Then maybe next time I'm in town we can get a couple of glassess of ..."

"No!" I said. Really? Really! He laughed and I got Old Reliable out of the way and homeward bound so they could try and move the truck without hitting anything else.

In the light of day, here's what the damage was:

Now, the insurance company still has not claimed liability as they have been unable to reach the driver for a statement. But they did send an estimator out to see Old Reliable, right smack in the middle of my midday walks at 11:30 am (they gave me no say in when this would be). I tried to explain that my job has me at a different location every half hour. They ignored that, showed up 15 minutes late, thereby making me a half hour late for the rest of the day.

But, hey, I'm really excited to pick out some new bumper stickers! Drive carefully, dear readers.