Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Naughty Dog Walkers

I can sometimes give clients a hard time in this blog, so it's time we turned the tables. I often get new clients who are extremely wary of trying my services because their last sitter (or two!) was so awful. Here's a sample of some of the stories I've heard:

"She used our shower. She wasn't hired for overnights, just walking the dog. I guess we have a really nice shower."

"He stayed for over an hour past the pet sit to nap on our couch. Do you think he's homeless or something?"

"We came home from our trip and our dog was no where to be found. No note. After an hour of panic, our sitter brought him back. Apparently she didn't want to come all the way back to feed him dinner so she just took him. Not sure where."

"She went through our bedroom dresser drawers."

"She never showed up."

"She would come by with her boyfriend for 15 minutes and then leave."

We all make mistakes, and stories like these remind me to always try to do better. They also help me to be understanding when a new client seems paranoid and doesn't take my repuation, references, and years of experience at face value. Now, please excuse me while I use a client's hot tub and nap in their bedroom!

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  1. Being on the other side of things really allows us to see things in a different perspective. It is good that you tried it as it always shows us what we could do better!