Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Noodle Dream

My sincere apologies for my prolonged absence from blogging. I know my loyal fan (thanks, Mom!) was missing it. It was a long summer with no help (more to come on my hiring dilemmas) and quite frankly the blog wasn't taking off. I missed sharing my pearls of pseudo wisdom with my mom so hopefully I'm back to writing, at least while it's cold outside.

You know how in Kung Fu Panda, Po has a dream about his calling? It's about Kung Fu but he lies and tells his dad he had the Noodle Dream. If you don't know what I'm talking about, go watch this movie right now! I'll wait ... 

Or just watch this clip:

So the noodle dream, right? Dog walkers have a similar dream. The Dog Walking Dream: except it's pretty much an anxiety dream.

It goes something like this: You have a packed schedule and there's no way you're getting to everyone anywhere close to on time today. You're so late that you have to hustle to get the walks done before the clients get home from work to bust you, and you even fudge the times on your notes to make it look like you were there earlier. And then you get that slimy, ice cold feeling in the pit of your stomach. You forgot someone. It could be a client you have in real life, though mostly I have this dream with a completely fictional client, perhaps to save myself from the psychological scarring of thinking I actually missed a real one.

Some non dog walking folks think that this dream is absolutely hilarious, not unlike the Noodle Dream. But to dog walkers, this sh!t is really disturbing. Forgetting a client is like the worst thing you could ever do aside from intentionally harming them.

I hate this anxiety dream. What purpose does it serve, dear readers? Perhaps it is just a reminder that what we do might not be up there with doctors and child welfare workers in making the world a better place. But for a dog and the dog's family, that visit can mean the whole world.

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