Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Podcast Review: Vegan Warrior Princesses Attack

I spend a lot of time in my car driving to and from clients. A recovered NPR addict, I realize that spending all day listening to the same bad news over and over again may not be the healthiest choice for me. Hence, the need for informative and entertaining podcasts.

I asked my fellow animal rights activists for podcast recommendations but they all seemed to be too raw-foods-based with fake hosts who only scratched the surface of their topics and interviews. Searching on my own, I found Vegan Warrior Princesses Attack (VWPA).

First, I loved the title! Then scrolling through their episodes I saw that every single one had an "explicit" warning. Hostesses Callie and Nichole clearly are my people! With a very down-to-earth and accessible level of conversation, they dive head first into sticky issues including veganism as it relates to abortion, body image issues, and speciesism. Sometimes I listen and go "yeah!" to no one in particular in my car. Other times I think "hmmm ... I'm not so sure about that," which is perfectly ok because they are the first to tell you they are just voicing their opinions and encourage polite feedback. My favorite part of the show is that they open with the latest vegan news from multiple sources. This keeps me up to date and informed, so when I'm chatting with other vegans I always have something new to contribute to the conversation.

I have been vegan cumulatively for two years. There was a decade or so backslide in which I pendulumed from vegetarian to vegan due to social pressures, mismanaged anger, and quite frankly immaturity. However, I feel strongly that had supportive resources such as VWPA been around over a decade ago, perhaps having voices like Callie's and Nichole's in my ear would have kept me on the right track. Their honesty and willingness to unpack lifestyle conundrums truly is a service to new and seasoned vegans alike. Although not all of their conversations apply to me, I look forward to listening to VWPA grow with more interviews, panel discussions, and listener call-ins. This is definitely the next big up-and-coming podcast out there.

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  1. Thank you so much for this awesome review! I'm glad the show is helping to fill that need for a friendly vegan resource, that's the #1 reason Callie and I wanted to create it. We appreciate the support!