Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Inicident of January 5

2016 isn't off to the best start for me. My cell phone broke and the new unlocked phone I bought is fantastic but doesn't get service in my house (?). In addition to my limited connectivity, I've been nauseous. I thought it was a hangover from New Year's but it just won't go away. On the bright side, the holiday weight is falling off in record time!

Rewind to December when my client called to confirm her cat sitting dates as December 24-January 4. Or, wait. Was that what she said? She called while I was walking a dog in the rain and I didn't mean to answer the phone. It was my stupid back up phone (which I am back on now) that somehow answered her call when all I wanted to do was see who it was. I just said yes without looking at my calendar, which is pretty impossible while walking a Boston Terrible in the rain.

On January 4, I did their final visit, left a thank you note for their generous holiday tip, and went on about my life. Looking at my calendar that night, I saw they were on it through January 6. Huh. I rechecked their initial email which also stated they would be out of town through the 6th.

OK. My bad. I'll go in the morning. So I did.

I walked in and immediately saw I was wrong. There was a pair of shoes that wasn't there before. The burglar alarm started beeping so I entered my code to turn it off. I saw luggage.

"Honey, what's that noise?" I heard.


"I didn't hear anything." Honey replied. Hmmm.... here's my chance to run. No, better not.

"It's your pet sitter!" I called up to Honey.

I tucked my tail between my legs and made my way upstairs. I apologized and explained to them the email dilemma.

"Well you should have called!" Fair point, but I have this strange aversion to talking on the phone. And they were supposedly out of the country or on a plane and well ... I screwed up. Apparently walking in on someone in their bathrobe is just as embarrassing as a phone call to me.

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  1. I agree with you about the phone. I'd much rather use email. Then you can view and answer at your convenience. Happy New Year!