Wednesday, February 3, 2016

HIRED: Assistant Dog Walker

As you may recall, my adventures in hiring left off at saying "thanks but no thanks" to the most mediocre person I could find on Craigslist. I spent the better part of the following year wandering around aimlessly and complaining that good help is hard to find.

Then one day out of nowhere a client of mine, who is also self-employed, mentioned that one of her clients was looking for a way out of her job at a local vet. I wasn't very thrilled, after the number of false starts I had been through. "Oh," I said feigning interest, "well give her my email and have her send a resume and cover letter." She did, and to my utmost surprise, she was qualified! I tried not to pee my pants as I set up an interview with her.

She was on time, smart, professional, compassionate, and *gasp* nearly vegan. Obviously, she got the job. The only snag was that being an Independent Contractor with tax responsibility and variable job security scared the bejezzus out of her. I knew the feeling all too well. When I first got started, I could barely make ends meet. I called my dad sobbing that I couldn't afford groceries and almost had to go to the food bank. Now, when I go to the grocery store, I try to pick up something to put in the handy little food bank cart.

Her part time status notwithstanding, I was thrilled to have my mini-me helper. Except she's taller than I. We still couldn't take new clients, but all the overflow went to her. Goodbye 13 hour days! I have so many clients in the same neighborhood, that I frequently caught her doing her job. Amazing! I was so inspired by this that I decided to go all out and start advertising for a weekend helper on The first job you post with them is free, after that the charges start at $5 per day (lame).

I interviewed one person from Indeed. She said she had worked at my former vet. I didn't remember her, and hated that vet. She also had a little smudge on her criminal history. Who knew her now ex-boyfriend would ask her to pawn a stolen item? And there was no thank you note after the interview.

Speaking (or writing) of which, what the hell ever happened to the interview thank you note? Am I getting old? Come on people, nothing seals the deal like a well written thank you letter.

Anyway, the deciding factor on this interviewee was that my clients often ask if my contractor is going to be "As good as you" or "Just like you, right?" Well, Mini-Me is quite a bit like me, all the way down to the tattoos and plant based eating. But this interviewee ... wasn't the right fit.

Then, Santa Claus put a gift in my stocking. Mini-Me was on the receiving end of the last straw at her vet job. She quit and now she's all mine! I could call off the interviews for weekend help!

I'm beyond excited, but also scared. With great power comes great responsibility, Spider Man. I need to take good care of Mini-Me. I need to make sure she has enough work, feels appreciated, and is heard. I take her to coffee every week. I pay her on time. I check in regularly. Holy crap, I'm a Boss!

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