Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Missing a Walk

If you're ever having a really awesome day and feel the need to take yourself down a few pegs, here's my sure fire recipe for feeling like the scum of the earth:

1. Become a dog walker.
2. Tell a client you'll walk their dog at a certain day and time.
3. Don't show up.

Yep. It happens to all of us, and from the looks of a recent Google search, it appears none of us are talking about it.

It happened to my colleague last week. She was training a helper and plum forgot to stop by a regular's house.

It happened to me this week and I just found out. I assigned it to my mini me and forgot to put it on her calendar.

It happened a year ago when I got back from my sister's wedding and didn't think to check my calendar.

It happens to all of us, because dog walkers are human.

It's been a crazy week or two. I hired overnight help, tabled at an event, replaced my Subaru only to take the car back for repairs at a dealership over an hour away.

But there is no excuse good enough for failing to take a dog out. I'm walking around today like that crazy priest in the Da Vinci code who keeps slapping himself on the back with that torture device thing. He's trying to prove his devotion to Jesus and I'm trying to prove my devotion to the animals.

For the client who missed a visit, I profusely apologized and gave them a discount on their upcoming trip. At my upcoming staff meeting, I'm delegating the responsibility to my sitters to double check their calendars to make sure I add everyone they agreed to visit. I also have a virtual assistant, whom I'm asking to triple check our calendars in exchange for higher pay.

I guess my business is going through some major growing pains right now. Beating myself up won't change any of that, or the past. So I'm sharing this teachable moment in the hopes that it might help us all to do a better job and be a little more gentle with ourselves.

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