Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Product Review: Heavenly Be Scalp Refresher

This blog post is like a month late. My mini me had a death in her immediate family while my part time helper has not been the most reliable fill in ... more on my staffing issues another day.

Today, I'd rather write something positive. I found this really great stuff for my scalp! Heavenly Be Scalp Refresher solves many problems with one application. It is hand made by a small USA based business with all vegan ingredients and no animal testing.

I originally found it through an internet search when my dreads were new (yikes! 3 years ago as of June 23!). That was when my scalp, which has been dry since childhood, was adjusting to the new twice monthly shampoo routine. In addition to some mild discomfort, I was concerned I might smell. Plus, it was summer time so sweat was a factor. Although this product is not directly marketed toward dreadies, I figured it was worth a shot.

I ordered the scalp refresher, not a huge investment at under $10, and tried it as soon as it arrived. Ahhhh! It tingled delightfully on my irritated scalp! And it smelled naturally divine! Woops, then I went a little overboard and it dripped down my neck. Note: I solved this problem by transferring it to a spray bottle which makes distribution easier to regulate.

As my locks matured, my scalp was less irritated but I continued to use the scalp refresher for different reasons. Sometimes, I just wanted to smell good. Other times, I was overdue for a shampoo but I didn't have the time to dry my hair (a problem that exacerbates as my locks get thicker and longer).

My trusty spray bottle filled with Heavenly Be Scalp Refresher is an essential part of my hair care tool box. Quite frankly, on any site dedicated to dread care, this product could easily be marked up to twice the price. And people who really need it would pay as much. Luckily for us, the makers of Heavenly Be aren't trying to rip us off. So let's all buy their stuff. Often.

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