Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Medusa With Locs Halloween Costume

Happy belated Halloween! Although I had a cold, I actually got Saturday night off to celebrate in costume with my boyfriend. He thought Medusa would be the perfect costume with my dreads and we decided to give it a try. First, he ordered a 24 pack of toy snakes from  We liked these because they came in multiple colors.

I purchased a cute flowy black dress from Goodwill, false eyelashes, and black stockings, coming in just shy of $15. Not bad.

Once I got dressed, I did a nice pale makeup face with no blush, a smokey eye with my false eye lashes, and got out some old body glitter for an extra touch. Who says Medusa has to be unattractive?

But finally, the part you are all waiting for, the hair. My boyfriend read online that one could simply hot glue gun the toy snakes to pipe cleaners or twist ties to tie into your dreads. Ummm ... no. The hot glue didn't hold and pipe cleaners would have been too bulky.

I still had my tiny rubber bands from when I first made my dreads and had to band them in place so I knew there were separate pseudo locs up there! I used all 24 snakes throughout my hair. For each snake, I selected a dread and used one rubber band to secure the tail higher up to my head and one rubber band to secure the snake lower down. I wanted at least an inch of room on each end for the snake to wiggle around during the night without slipping out. Conversely, if I secured the band too far down the middle, the snake tails up top would start to stick out and not look like it was growing from my hair. My boyfriend wished there was a way to straighten out the snakes along each dread. I probably could have with more effort and rubber bands, but decided it looked fine as is. Here's the finished product:

You can see where the rubber bands are, which probably wasn't as noticeable at the bar we attended. You can also see where one snake's tail could have been secured higher up. I did that on purpose so you could see an example. My boyfriend was concerned that the weight might hurt my neck. For the most part it didn't. However, when we were on the dancefloor looking up at the stage, I did start to feel some discomfort in my neck which was alleviated by looking down at the floor for a counter stretch.

I got some compliments during the evening, and I must say it felt good to get the snakes out of my hair on the ride home. For the most part, the rubber bands came out easily as well. Those pesky bands are so annoying when left to their own devices.